Mighty Sale Up To 60%
13. May. 2024

Hi Troopers, Are you ready for the Point Blank Battlefield this time? Because we have prepared a Mighty Sale Up To 60% at Ingame Shop!!! Event Period valid May 14 (After Maintenance) - May 20, 2024 (Until 1 AM) Here are the Special Items with a Certain Duration with Up To 60% Discount:

*Items, Terms & Times are subject to change without prior notice.

The amount of discount varies depending on the duration of the item you want to purchase.

Item NameDiscount
3D Duration7D Duration30D Duration
Rica Wraith 30%40%50%
Chou Wraith 30%40%50%
Vampire Hunter Viper Red30%40%50%
Vampire Hunter Hide30%40%50%
Chipao Rica30%40%50%
Chipao Chou30%40%50%
Goddess Of Water Queen30%40%50%
Goddess Of Fire Natasha30%40%50%
X-Mas Homewear Hide30%40%50%
X-Mas Homewear Tarantula30%40%50%
Goddess of Light Queen30%40%50%
Goddess of Nature Natasha30%40%50%
Ninja Wolf40%50%60%
Ninja CaimanGrey40%50%60%
Assassin Wolf40%50%60%
Assassin Caiman Grey40%50%60%
Hitman D-fox40%50%60%
Hitman Leopard40%50%60%

 *Items, Terms & Times are subject to change without prior notice.

Look forward to Special Item Sale with Discount 60%!


~ Thank You ~

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