CLAN medal
Collect Clan Medal
and enjoy variety of Buffs!
  • Clan medals can be earned by playing the game and login time.
    You can get a lot more medals if you play clan match!
  • Clan members’ earned medals are added to the Clan.
    And Clan members will get Buff according to number of collected medals.
  • Buff may vary each week, and the buff of the week will be applied depending on the number of Clan Medals collected previous week.
  • Weekly Mission each week can be viewed at ‘Weekly Mission’ tab.
※ Clan Buff is not applied on tournament channel.
How to check number of medals collected
  • clan Menu
    • 1Press ‘Clan’ menu
    • 2Clan Medal Objective : Number of Clan Medals needed for next step
  • clan Medal
    • 3Detailed information page about Clan Medal
  • clan Effect
    • 4Shows list of Buffs applied for this week
  • clan Mission
    • 5Clan mission of the week
    * Clan mission can be also viewed via web at below link.
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