Premium Shop May 14 - 22, 2024
14. May. 2024

Hi Troopers, Don't forget to check out the Premium Shop on the Official Point Blank Website.

Period: May 14, 2024 to May 22, 2024 (23:59 WIB)
You can buy various types of special items that are not available in the in-game shop! and you can only get it through the Premium Shop Website

Yuk cek Item Spesial Premium Shop apa saja di minggu ini :

[Function Item]

Item Name
Quick Change Weapon
Quick Change Magazine
Hollow Point Ammo Plus
Metal Bullet Proof Vest
Increase Grenade Slot
Increase Throwing 2 Slot
Ammo Up
Mega HP10%


Item NameAvailable In Premium Shop End Date
Kriss S.V SignaturePB14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
OA-93 SignaturePB14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
SC-2010 SignaturePB14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Zombie Slayer Ghost House14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
T77 G914-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Tactilite T2 10Anniv14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
SC-2010 G914-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Butterfly Knife G914-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Hanbok Gowoon (Red)14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Hanbok Gowoon (Blue)14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Red Orange Spronk Wig14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Ash Purple Short Bang Wig14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Rainbow Afro Perm Wig14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Dark Brown Updo Style Wig14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Brown Long Wave Wig14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Blonde Wave Wig14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Compound Bow PBWC201815-Mei-2421-Mei-24
Angel Grenade15-Mei-2421-Mei-24
Fang Blade Newborn 201515-Mei-2421-Mei-24
SignaturePB Medical Kit15-Mei-2421-Mei-24
Kriss S.V 10Anniv15-Mei-2421-Mei-24
Kar98k ZF39 10Anniv15-Mei-2421-Mei-24
M1887 10Anniv15-Mei-2421-Mei-24
SC-2010 10Anniv15-Mei-2421-Mei-24
SC-2010 Angel16-Mei-2422-Mei-24
Tactilite T2 Angel16-Mei-2422-Mei-24
Spy Black Chou16-Mei-2422-Mei-24
Spy Black Rica16-Mei-2422-Mei-24
R.B 454 SS8M+S G916-Mei-2422-Mei-24
OA-93 10Anniv16-Mei-2422-Mei-24
Officer Rica (Normal)16-Mei-2422-Mei-24
Officer Keen Eyes (Normal)16-Mei-2422-Mei-24

[Premium Shop Sale Up To 60% ]
Item NameAvailable In Premium Shop End Date
AUG HBAR B.O.G Deluxe14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
MSBS Lebaran 201814-Mei-2420-Mei-24
APC9 Aries14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Dual Mini Uzi G14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Set T77 Police14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Keris PBNC201715-Mei-2421-Mei-24
BORA-12 Republic15-Mei-2421-Mei-24
P90 Ext Medical15-Mei-2421-Mei-24
Pindad SS2 V5 Glass15-Mei-2421-Mei-24
Quinn Character SET15-Mei-2421-Mei-24
TAR-21 Newborn 201716-Mei-2422-Mei-24
Indiana Red Bulls16-Mei-2422-Mei-24
Indiana Acid Pol16-Mei-2422-Mei-24
Ongame Premium Mask16-Mei-2422-Mei-24
3 CRB SET16-Mei-2422-Mei-24

[Premium Shop Random Box]
Premium Shop Random BoxAvailable In Premium ShopEnd Date
Tactical War Box14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
T77 E-Sport Box15-Mei-2421-Mei-24


[Recamo Series]
Item NameAvailable In Premium Shop End Date
HK-417 Recamo14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
AK-47 Recamo14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Groza Recamo14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
M14 EBR Recamo14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
AN-94 Recamo14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Dragunov Recamo14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
L115A1 Recamo14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
VSK94 Recamo14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
SPAS-15 Recamo14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
MP7 Recamo14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Spectre Recamo14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
G11 Recamo14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
SCAR-L Recon Recamo14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
PSG1 Recamo14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
Dual Uzi Recamo14-Mei-2420-Mei-24
MK.46 Recamo14-Mei-2420-Mei-24


[Battle Pass Premium Shop]

Item NameAvailable In Premium Shop Level
White Flashlight16-Apr-245
Green Flashlight16-Apr-245
Red Flashlight16-Apr-2410
Active Camouflage 50%16-Apr-2410
Ceramics Bullet Proof Vest16-Apr-2410
R.B 454 SS8M+S Night Vision16-Apr-2415
Night Vision Red Bulls16-Apr-2415
Night Vision Acid Pol16-Apr-2415
Night Vision Mask16-Apr-2415
HK-417 Night Vision16-Apr-2420
K2C EBR Night Vision16-Apr-2420
T77 Night Vision16-Apr-2420

[Premium Shop Battle Pass Random Box]

Premium Shop Random BoxAvailable In Premium Shop
End Date
T77 Night Vision Box16-Apr-2405-Jun-24

 *Items, Terms & Times are subject to change without prior notice.

Look forward the items you might interest only in Premium Shop!


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